Nizamabad is a town situated in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. Formerly known as Indur or Indrapuri, it also serves as the financial headquarters of the Nizamabad district. In the 8th century, the city had been reined by the Rashtrakutas. It derived its name from Nizam-ul-Mulk, the ruler of the Nizam state. Once the princely states of South India, Nizamabad is the biggest commercial and trading center of the district today. 
Earlier it had been under the sway of the Chalukya dynasty and then Tughlaq dynasty, followed by the Nizam Kings. After attaining importance industrially and agriculturally, it has come into the glare of publicity. This place was further highlighted with the establishment of Telangana University that serves the districts of Nizamabad, Adilabad and Medak. Nizamabad is also a promising destination from the point of view of travel and tourism. 
Being influenced by various dynasties, Nizamabad definitely boasts of a blend of cultures. It has rich coffers in the form of forests and agricultural lands. Its major industries are made by confectionery and alcohol units. It is striving hard to achieve heights without compromising its rich culture and indigenousness. Together with grand festivals and ancient monuments, Nizamabad is a great place to visit in Andhra Pradesh.

Places of interest
Nizam Sagar: Nizam Sagar is a colossal reservoir across Manjira River, a tributary of Godavari River. Known for its spectacular beauty, the landscape is accompanied by sprawling gardens. Many boarding and lodging facilities are available here for the tourists. Boating is an added attraction
Asok Sagar : About 7 km from Nizamabad, Asok Sagar is a huge reservoir, with neatly laid-out garden and beautiful rocks. Amidst the reservoir, an exquisite 15 feet statue of Goddess Saraswati adds grace to the site. Here, you can tickle your taste buds at the octagonal shaped restaurant. This eco-tourism destination has a swinging bridge and boating facilities
Kanteshwar  : There is a locality by the name of Kanteshwar in Nizamabad. It is known for a temple that is approximately 500 years old. Dedicated to Lord Shiva (Neela Kanteshwar), this temple boasts of splendid architecture. It was built by the Satavahana king, Satakarni-II. Rathasapthami festival is observed here with grand celebrations
Bada Pahad Dargah  : Bada Pahad Dargah, literally Big Hill Mosque, is visited by scores of devotees every year. The mausoleum of Saint Syed Sadullah Hussaini is sited between the hills of Varni & Chandur. This site has been chosen for ropeway project