Vijayawada, the City of Victory, is a famous city that is situated on the banks of Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh. Known for comprising the largest railway junction of South India, Vijaywada is encircled by the Indrakiladri hills on its west and Budameru River on its north. Along with being prominent for commerce, the city is also a blossoming tourism destination in Krishna district. In earlier times, it is believed to have been visited by the Chinese traveler, Hieun T`sang. 
Apart from its mythological significance, Vijaywada has also contributed to the economic and fiscal reasons of the district as well as the state. This third largest city of the state is also known as Bezawada. It also serves as the venue for Krishna Pushkaram, which is an all-India festival celebrated once in twelve years. The spirituality also comes alive in the excavated sites of Buddhist stupas like Amaravati, Gudivada, Ghantasala etc. 
Amidst rich vegetation and striking temples, the region looks really entrancing. It also has the distinction of having Prakasam Barrage, which is more than 1000 meters long and comprises both rail track and road. Besides temples and stupas, Vijayawada has many historical places that could be of your interest. Travel to Vijayawada and see for yourself the vibrant people and rich culture of this cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Places of interest

Kanaka Durga Temple : Perhaps Kanaka Durga Temple is the most popular temple of the city. Perched on Indrakiladri Hill, the temple provides a panoramic view of Vijayawada. The presiding deity in the temple is Kanaka Durga, who is considered as the Goddess of power, riches and benevolence. There are several inscriptions inside the temple, representing different dynasties. Though all festivals are observed here with full enthusiasm, Dusshera deserves special mention. People from all parts of the region come to visit this divine temple.

Prakasam Barrage  : Prakasam Barrage presents a wonderful sight with its colossal size across Krishna River. Finished in 1957, Prakasam Barrage comprises both railway track and road. A Venetian look has been granted to the city by a huge lake and three canals along the barrage.
Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum  : Situated on Bandar Road, Victoria Jubilee Regional Museum has been set up by the State Archaeological Department. It comprises beautiful sculptures, attractive paintings, idols, weapons, cutlery and inscriptions that date back to the 1st and 2nd centuries.
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Bhavani Island  : Perhaps Bhavani Island is the largest island in Krishna River. Located near Prakasam Barrage, the island has been groomed up by Andhra Pradesh tourism. It has some cottages that offer really cozy accommodation. A boat ride to this island in itself would be an electrifying activity. 
The Gandhi Stupa  : Perched on Gandhi Hill, the Stupa was the first memorial built in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi across the country. Here one can see the teachings of the legend inscribed on stone slabs. Gandhi Memorial Library, Planetarium, Sound and Light Show are the added attractions at the hill. 
Hazrathbal Mosque  : Hazrathbal Mosque is an important holy place in Vijayawada. Special attraction of the mosque is that it houses a sacred relic of Prophet Mohammad that is exhibited once in a year. People from far and wide come to pay their homage at the mosque.