Situated in the folds of the Pali hills, Kodakanal is a popular and quiet hill station with forested slopes, prodigious rocks, attractive waterfalls and a lovely lake. Situated at an altitude of about 2,133 m above sea level, this hill town is well known its educational institutions that have earned international repute. The most spectacular scene this hill station has to offer unravels itself once in every 12 years when the blue-violet 'Kurinji' flowers blossom up to cover its slopes like a velvet carpet. They are the reason that these hills have earned the name of 'Nilgiris' or Blue Hills. The biological name of the unique flowering plant is Kurunji and they last bloomed in 1992. The fruits and plums here are revered for their freshness and taste. Stretching across an area of just 21.45 sq. km., the Berijam Lake here ranks amongst the most charming lakes of South India that spread across an area of 24 hectares.

One can also witness the settlements of prehistoric tribes here evident in the dolmens homes of great stone slabs. It is said the villagers of Palani foothills fled into Kodai hills to escape from the invasion of Tippu Sultan. It is said that the first European to visit Kodaikanal was Lt. B.S. Ward, who visited the place in 1821 and introduces his countryment to the wonderful climate of the hill station, easily accessible from Madurai and Periyakulam. In the year 1860, the first church was built here. Boating and Angling facilities are available at the Kodaikanal Lake and it is surrounded by rich flora. The summer festival here is a welcome break that features cultural programs, adventure sports, boat races and flower and fruit shows. The Golf Club is just 5 km from the lake and there are some interesting trek routes in and around Kodaikanal .

Places of interest
Berijam Lake : A popular picnic spot of the area, the lake is the source of all the drinking water to Periakalam town and has charming surroundings.
Boat Club : Set up in 1910, it now offers boat cruises to public and tourists on the Carlton boats that can be hired from here.
Bryant Park : Situated to the east of the lake, Bryant Park is noted for flowers, hybrids and rafts that are displayed in a glasshouse. The annual horticultural show held here in May is something to be seen and appreciated.

Shenbaganur Museum : About 5 km from the lake, Shenbaganur Museum is housed in the Sacred Heart College and is considered one of the best orchidoriums in the country. It has more than 300 species of orchids and variety of birds.
Coaker's Walk : Coaker's Walk is named after Lt. Coaker, who prepared the map of Kodai. It offers some of the best views of the nearby plains.