Coorg (or Kodagu) is a little hill-station that covers an area of 4102 sq km. It is located on the Western Ghats of Karnataka, bordering the state of Kerala. With its breathtaking beauty and virginal atmosphere, it is a much-favored destination from travel and tourism point of view. The martial race of Coorgs (Kodavas), the largest local tribe of the place, with the chivalrous streak in their nature and gallantry, add to the rich culture and indigenous history of the place. This beautiful land of the "Kodavas" is famous as "The Land of Warriors".

With its verdant valleys, sleepy hills, serpentine streets, scintillating mountains and its mystic air, its unsurpassed beauty is also heightened by acres and acres of tea and coffee plantations that stretches across the place. Lofty teakwood and sandalwood trees abound the place and enhance its grandeur manifold. Coorg is even termed as the "Orange Country", for its innumerable orange groves. With the rich and inviting aroma of coffee, sandalwood and oranges, Coorg provides a treat to your olfactory senses, coupled with its visual delights. In fact, its district capital, Madikeri, is popularly known as "the Scotland of India". 

Coorg has something or the other to offer to everyone who visits and explores its enticing and exciting little domain. With facilities for various adventure sports like golfing, trekking, angling etc amidst the rugged beauty of its majestic mountains, it is a perfect getaway for the adventure lovers. Its beauty is equally gripping for people who trot to hill stations to escape their tumultuous lives in the noisy metropolis. With the mellifluous chirping of birds, the gurgling waterfalls and the romantic mountain breeze, it is the perfect place to mingle with the placidness of nature's wealth. 
Places of interest

Madikeri : The district headquarters of Coorg and a picturesque town atop the Sahyadri mountains, Madikeri is known as the Scotland of India. Formerly known as 'Marcera', it is located at a distance of 252 km from Bangalore and is placed at an altitude of 1525 m (5000 ft) above sea level.

Madikeri Fort : Madikeri Fort, located at Madeikeri, was built in the 19th century. The monument houses a chapel, a temple, a prison and a museum inside. One can have a breathtaking view of the whole Madikeri town from this fort. 
Raja's Seat : According to legends and folklore, the Kodagu Kings spent their evenings in this place, which is a spectacular garden in the town of Madekari. One can have an impressive view of the sunset from this place. 
Nagarahole National Park : This wildlife sanctuary, which shelters elephants, tigers, spotted deer, leopards, bison, peacocks and other exotic wildlife, is a favorite among the tourists. There are lodging facilities inside the park, which makes it a much-visited tourist spot.
Iruppu Falls : The Iruppu Falls harbor a Hindu temple and serve as a place of pilgrimage for the various tourists visiting Coorg. The temple is believed to be dedicated by Lord Rama to Lord Shiva. Owing to its enchanting beauty, this waterfall is also a famous picnic spot.
Abbey Falls : Located amidst a valley in a coffee-cardamom plantation, 7 km from Madikeri, are the Abbery Falls. With water falling from a height of 70 ft, this is a famous waterfall and a much-visited picnic spot of Coorg. 
Talacauvery : Talacauvery is the birthplace of the river Cauvery and is located at a distance of 44 km from Madikeri. A major religious site, it is visited by local Coorgs and even people from Tamil Nadu and other nearby states. They visit the place to take a dip in its holy waters.