Coimbatore is situated in the shadow of the Western Ghats on the banks of the River Noyyal. It is one of the most industrialized cities in the state. The region has a rich black soil that makes for the flourishing agricultural industry and excellent growth of cotton, the foundation stone of the famous textile industry of Coimbatore. From the time when the first textile mills were set up in 1888, this industry has come a long way and there are now over a hundred mills here that have earned repute as the important components of a strong economy. Thus, Coimbatore is also often referred to as 'The Manchester Of The South'. Despite all the industries, it is still one of the most pollution free cities in India.

According to ancient manuscripts, the Irula tribal chief Kovan and his clan settled around here and cleared the surrounding forests to set up a new village called 'Kovanputhur' that later came to be known as Coimbatore. Coimbatore enjoys a pleasant climate all the year round. Fresh cool breeze flowing through the 25-km long Palakkad gap is enough to rejuvenate anybody. Besides, Coimbatore also serves as an important entry and exit point to the neighboring state of Kerala and the 'Queen of Hills', Udagamandalam, also known as Ooty. It is also the get-off point for those who chose to travel in the Mountain train that runs from Mettupalayam, just 35 km from Coimbatore. The city is also known for its educational institutions, especially, the Coimbatore Agricultural University is renowned as one of the best colleges of its kind in South Asia.

Places of interest
Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary : 90 km from Coimbatore, Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park is situated at an altitude of 1,400 m in the Western Ghats near Pollachi. It stretches over an area of about 958 sq. km. It is also known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and is said to be an ecological paradise.

Thiruppur : The popular textile market 50 km from Coimbatore, it is famous for hosiery products and is also known for its association with 'Thiruppur Kumaran', one of the gallant freedom fighters.
Parambikulam-Aliyar Multipurpose Project : Watch the outstanding example of engineering skill at Parambikulam-Aliyar Multipurpose Project situated in the Anamalai range where a series of dams are interconnected by tunnels and canals for harnessing waters of the Rivers Parambikulam, Aliyar, Nirar, Sholiyar, Thunakadavu, Thekkadi and Palar, lying at various elevations for irrigation and power generation
V O C Park : This children's park is named after the freedom fighter V. O. Chidambaram. It encloses a mini Zoo, models of prehistoric dinosaurs, Children' Train, Swings other play equipments making it an interesting and engaging amusement park for the children
Thirumoorthy Temple : Thirumoorthy Temple at the foothills of Thirumoorthy Hills near Thirumoorthy Dam is a popular get away of Coimbatore. The Sri Amalingeswarar temple with a waterfall nearby and the Crocodile Farm at Amaravati Dam 25-km from here, are other popular get away points
Perur Patteeswaraswamy Temple : 7 km from Coimbatore, Perur Patteeswaraswamy temple is situated on the shores of River Noyyal. It is one of the most popular temples of Coimbatore and has huge statues. Its reference can be found in the poetic creations of Arunagiri Nather and Kachiappa Munivar.

Khadi Gandhi Gallery : The Khadi Gandhi gallery was set up on 15th of July 1970 and displays pictures of Gandhi right from his birth to his death. It houses some of the rare photographs titled 'Journey through Harijan Life', 'Family', 'Friends', 'Independence Struggle', 'Jail Life' and 'Peace Talks' .

Forest College Museum : One of the oldest of its kind in the country, the Forest College is situated 3.5 km from the railway station of Coimbatore. The college museum exhibits the fossils of plants and animals, the dead specimens of plants and animals of rare variety and has a special advisory counter that offers counseling regarding plant husbandry.